WorkVitamins: The book

I have started writing my book on WorkVitamins, so far it are going to be 28 chapters divided into 5 sections. Section one will be trying to address the fundamental question of why we work. The second section will deal with the concept of the office, why we have offices as we have them today, while part 3 deals with the ever increasing individualization of employees and the way employers view, or miss to view this change. The fourth part will be about the physical changes in the workplace and part 5 will be an explanation about our methodology: WorkVitamins, and will bring all this together.

So far the writing was going quite well, I had written 5 chapters. But yesterday I noticed that I accidentally overwritten one chapter (chapter 11 on individualizers). I was rather pleased with the chapter. Writing does not come easy to me, but this one was going so well. Now, it is all gone, and I am wrecking my brain thinking what I have written…( I am following the advice to get first a draft out and then to start the re-writing). I am also writing in a non chronological order thinking I will end with the first part. As I continue writing I will also look at sites on creative writing.